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Top level collections

Collection Agreements

Memoranda of Understanding, Memoranda of Agreements, and Master Agreements between the HART and other entities

Collection Audit

Reports, Correspondence and General Information regarding Audits

Collection Contracts

This is a collection of awarded HART Contracts. As some contracts may be voluminous, this collection contains: the contract agreement; special provisions; related attachments and exhibits; and General Terms and Conditions. Any amendments, addenda, or any other contract documents may be requested by using the REQUEST TO ACCESS A GOVERNMENT RECORD (OIP-92F) form below.

Collection Environmental Clearances

Information on the Environmental Impact Statement, Technical Reports & Analysis

Collection Finances

Financial Data on the Project's Capital Plan, Operations and Maintenance

Collection FTA

Reports, Correspondence and General Information between HART and the Federal Transit Administration

Collection General Info

Brochures and Collateral Materials, Polls, and Surveys

Collection Government Relations

Documents relating to correspondence with Legislature, City Council, and State including ordinances, resolutions, and agreements.

Collection HART-Administrative-Record

HART Administrative Record, includes more than 150,000 pages of project documents, email correspondence, and reports. The Administrative Record is divided into individual volumes for browsing or can be searched by specific terms using the search function. Note: Please be patient, as larger documents may take a while to load.

Collection HART Board

This is a collection of HART Board related documents, including HART Board Meeting minutes, agendas, materials, adopted resolutions, and reports.

Collection Maps

Rail Route, Travel Time Tables & Geographical Maps

Collection News Releases

Press Releases Distributed to Local and National Media

Collection Planning

Collection Planning Archive

Miscellaneous Planning Documents through June 2020

Collection Presentations

Presentation Materials shared at HART Board Meetings, Community Meetings, and Outreach Efforts

Collection Programmatic Agreement

Collection Project Correspondence

Letters, memos, and other correspondence related to the project.

Collection Public Notices

Public Notices for Community Meetings and Permit Applications

Collection Reports

This is a collection of reports relating to the project from both internal and external sources including PMOC, FTA, and HART reports.

Collection Traffic Updates

Traffic Alerts about road closures and detours in West Oahu - Farrington Highway, Kamehameha Highway, Airport, and City Center

Collection Weekly eBlast

HART's Weekly eBlast Updates

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