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  Collection West Oahu-Farrington Highway Guideway Contract for Design-Build Construction

Contract for Design-Build Construction West Oahu-Farrington Highway Guideway (WOFH), Kiewit Infrastructure West Company, Contract No. CT-DTS-1000137

hartadmin 12/14/12 1
  Collection West Oahu Stations Group Construction Contract hartadmin 09/24/15 7
  Collection West Oahu Station Group -FD

Agreement for Professional Services Contract. Contract No. SC-HRT-1200116

hartadmin 12/13/12 5
  Collection West Oahu Farrington Highway Guideway

Contract No. CT-HRT-10H0137 formerly CT-DTS-100

hartadmin 12/14/12 3
  Collection West CE&I hartadmin 02/19/15 5
  Collection UHWO Station Temporary Park & Ride and UHWO Road B pyoungling 09/22/17 1
  Collection The Gas Company - CT-HRT-1400238

Cost Reimbursement Agreement Between The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation and The Gas Company

hartadmin 08/10/15 2
  Collection The Gas Company - CT-DTS-1100431

Utilities Facilities Relocation and Cost reimbursement Agreement

hartadmin 08/07/15 2
  Collection Solicitations hartadmin 04/28/17 1
  Collection Senior Staff Search hartadmin 02/19/15 5
  Collection Section 106 Programmatic Agreement Project Manager Kakoo II


hartadmin 07/13/16 4
  Collection SC-HRT-1400003 Dillingham and Kakaako Station Group Final Design hartadmin 08/06/15 4
  Collection Real Estate Professional Services

Agreement for Real Estate Professional Services Contract No. SC-HRT-1200062

hartadmin 12/13/12 6
  Collection Real Estate Mapping hartadmin 02/19/15 5
  Collection Real Estate Contractor Contract "II" hartadmin 10/18/16 4
  Collection Ramp H2R2 Construction Contract hartadmin 09/25/15 6
  Collection Project Management Support Consultant (PMSC-1)

Agreement for Professional Services Contract No. F65107

hartadmin 04/11/17 1
  Collection Program Management Support Consultant II (PMSC-2)

Agreement for Professional Services Contract No. SC-HRT-1200042

hartadmin 04/11/17 4
  Collection Program Management Contractor Contract


hartadmin 04/11/17 4
  Collection Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) Contract "II"


hartadmin 04/11/17 1