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  Collection Agreements

Memoranda of Understanding, Memoranda of Agreements, and Master Agreements between the HART and other entities

dhandrew 02/10/16 2
  Collection Audit

Reports, Correspondence and General Information regarding Audits

hartadmin 01/14/17 7
  Collection Environmental Clearances

Information on the Environmental Impact Statement, Technical Reports & Analysis

dhandrew 02/10/16 7
  Collection Finances

Financial Data on the Project's Capital Plan, Operations and Maintenance

dhandrew 02/10/16 8
  Collection FTA

Reports, Correspondence and General Information between HART and the Federal Transit Administration

dhandrew 02/10/16 5
  Collection General Info

Brochures and Collateral Materials, Polls, and Surveys

dhandrew 02/10/16 12
  Collection Government Relations

Documents relating to correspondence with Legislature, City Council, and State including ordinances, resolutions, and agreements.

hartadmin 08/23/17 4
  Collection HART Board

This is a collection of HART Board related documents, including HART Board Meeting minutes, agendas, materials, adopted resolutions, and reports.

hartadmin 06/05/15 16
  Collection Maps

Rail Route, Travel Time Tables & Geographical Maps

dhandrew 02/10/16 3
  Collection News Releases

Press Releases Distributed to Local and National Media

dhandrew 02/10/16 13
  Collection Planning Archive

Miscellaneous Planning Documents through June 2020

dhandrew 07/07/20 17
  Collection Presentations

Presentation Materials shared at HART Board Meetings, Community Meetings, and Outreach Efforts

dhandrew 02/10/16 14
  Collection Project Correspondence

Letters, memos, and other correspondence related to the project.

dhandrew 02/12/16 5
  Collection Public Notices

Public Notices for Community Meetings and Permit Applications

dhandrew 02/10/16 8
  Collection Reports

This is a collection of reports relating to the project from both internal and external sources including PMOC, FTA, and HART reports.

hartadmin 04/28/17 7
  Collection Traffic Updates

Traffic Alerts about road closures and detours in West Oahu - Farrington Highway, Kamehameha Highway, Airport, and City Center

dhandrew 04/08/16 4
  Collection Weekly eBlast

HART's Weekly eBlast Updates

dhandrew 02/10/16 13