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  Type Title ↑ Owner Edited Size Actions
  Collection Adobe Software Licenses Renewal dsay 11/07/18 1
  Collection Airport Guideway and Stations Design-Build Contract hartadmin 07/19/16 1
  Collection Archival Photo / Video Project Contract pyoungling 06/18/18 1
  Collection Art-in-Transit hartadmin 01/27/16 12
  Collection Chinatown Marketplace Parking Lot Concession hartadmin 07/18/17 1
  Collection City Center Utilities Relocation (CCUR) Contract pyoungling 05/04/18 1
  Collection Complex Construction Claims Negotiation and Litigation Services hartadmin 06/18/16 1
  Collection Complex Real Property Negotiations and Litigation Support


hartadmin 08/11/16 1
  Collection Fare Collection System Technical Support Contract hartadmin 09/21/15 1
  Collection Fare Systems DBOM Contract

Fare Systems Design-Build-Operate-Maintain Contract

hartadmin 04/24/17 1
  Collection Farrington Highway Station Group Construction Contract hartadmin 06/10/15 2
  Collection FileMaker Software Licenses Renewal dsay 11/28/18 1
  Collection HART Connectivity, Field Office Telephones, and Project Network dsay 05/30/19 1
  Collection HART Publication of Public and Legal Notices dsay 05/23/19 1
  Collection HDOT Design Support Contract (Airport - City Center Sections) pyoungling 02/27/18 1
  Collection HDOT Design Support Contract (Kamehameha Highway Section) pyoungling 03/14/18 1
  Collection Historic Architecture Design Services Consultant Contract pyoungling 12/27/17 1
  Collection Historic Architecture Design Services Consultant Contract dsay 01/22/19 1
  Collection Honolulu Star-Advertiser Eminent Domain Notices dsay 10/29/18 1
  Collection Independent Financial Auditor "II" Contract hartadmin 02/19/16 1